The Round Table 56 Vlaardingen has the honour of hosting the next Euromeeting for the year 2013. The meeting will be held from September 19th to September 22th. Its theme is “Fish and Friends”. On Friday this will develop to the unforgettable event called Hangover part III.

The theme Fish and Friends has to do with the rich fishing history of Vlaardingen. Once Vlaardingen was the herring capital of the Netherlands. In the heyday hundreds of fishing related companies employed the Vlaardingen population. Every family had a father, son or uncle who went to sea or who worked in a shipyard. At sea men became friends for life.

Many beautiful buildings in the city recall the fishing period of yesteryear. But there is more to say. Besides fishing Vlaardingen is proud of its unique historic cultural importance. During building activities in the year 1958 remnants were found of a settlement from the period 2900-2600 BC. These archaeological sites were exceptionally well preserved. Not only archaeologists discovered the wooden uprights of farms. They found slaughter and consumption waste of the first farmers in the delta, known today as The Netherlands. These remains of late inhabitants got international attention and the unique discovery of this early period of Dutch history got a name: Vlaardingen Culture. This name is used for the first period in documented Dutch history: Vlaardingen-time frome the period of 3500-2500 BC.

The attendees to the Euromeeting 2013 will experience these historical and cultural aspects of Vlaardingen. They’ll play fishing games, go sightseeing, visit the harbour by boat and enjoy a gala diner at one of the most important spots of historic Vlaardingen. Once more Vlaardingen is the place to become friends for life.

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